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Readers Respond: Top Ways Women Relieve Hot Flashes

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Updated September 28, 2009

From the article: Hot Flashes
I sometimes find relief from hot flashes by standing in front of a chilly air conditioner. How do you get relief from hot flashes? Share your non-pharmaceutical tips for relieving hot flashes.

Hot flashes

I here Soy Pills work well. You buy them in the vitamin store. My friend reccomended that to me.
—Guest Maggie

Hot flushes

I bought a femi magnet, you attach it to the inside of your knickers near the pubic area and it works, from 12 a day down to none or just the odd one. Bought it from Boots but they are on-line if you search.
—Guest Janet


My doctor put me on Boniva for Osteoporosis and voila! my hot flashes have completely disappeared. I went off the Boniva for a couple of months due to a weird side effect of having a very itchy scalp and the hot flashes were back with a vengeance. I'm back on Boniva, now. I'd rather deal with an itchy scalp than hot flashes day and night! I'm very thankful for Boniva.
—Guest foesports

Hot flashes

Tincture of Peony is very good for cooling down the system when going to bed
—Guest Colleen

hot flashes cool down

I wash cloths in cold water. hang it above my fan..it blows cool air longer; ohhh how that helps.
—Guest Inez

hot flashes cool down

I wash cloths in cold water. hang it above my fan..it blows cool air longer; ohhh how that helps.
—Guest Inez

i'm a little scared

i experienced hot flashes when taking a certain birth control pill and i found that hydration and cold showers were very helpful. But now i am going to have a total hysterectomy and i am a little nervous
—Guest dee

hot flashes at night

I was beginning to notice that I would get a severe hot flash right after getting back into bed from going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Now I drink about 8 ounces of cold water when I get up to go at night and I don't get the flash afterwards or if I do it is very minor!
—Guest sue

Natual Alternative

There is something that I believe will work it helped my Mom in an amazing way and it can work for YOU! email me @ lvamazingscience@yahoo.com for more info
—Guest Caring Person

Hot Flashes

My ob put me on effexor. Patients with depression use this (I don't have depression ). It works great for hot flashes and it not a hrt. I tried everything and this works wonders. from 10 flashes in the day to maybe 1-2 very mild ones.
—Guest anna a

hot flash relief

I use satin pillowcases, especially in the winter when you get hot, and your pillow is nice and cool.I also, stick my head in the freezer. Both work like a charm....
—Guest Cecelia T.

Relief at Night

I sleep with an ice pack against my trunk, front or back.
—Guest Dena

Try ground fax seed (flax meal)

Had 3 hot flashes AN HOUR for several months, a friend told me that her Naturopath recommended flax seed in your cereal or oatmeal in AM and again in Yogourt or !?!? around 1-3 PM. WORKS perfectly....Hot flashes are gone. Three or 4 times I forgot to have my flax and yes, they came back....only a few...but as long as I eat the flax I am fine. Apparently it converts to a chemical in the colon that resembles estrogen and fools the body!! TRY IT!! NOT the oil though, the ground seed.

hot flashes

I have a heavy paper plate at my bedside. It makes a great fan when the hot flash hits. I fan myself until the flash subsides, which is usually very quickly.
—Guest DJ

I think I'm doomed

My mom is 81 and she STILL has hot flashes! I'm 53 and have had night sweats occasionally in, I think, the past 20 years, but now my menstral cycles are changing and after my recent cycle the hot flashes are really bad, especially at night. Everytime I wake up... wait... here it comes... UGH! Whip off the nighty! (And hope hubby doesn't notice.) Thank goodness cold nights are back! I decided I'll just wear an old bra and undies to bed. But I have to say that even though I go thru this several times a night, I don't feel sleepy during the day. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try to dring more fluids, at least.
—Guest Anita

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