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Readers Respond: How To Relieve and Prevent Painful Urinary Tract Infections or UTI

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Updated February 21, 2011

useful thing!

When you go for a wee, lean back againest the back of the sistaain! It empties ya bladder completey+reduces how much it really hurts!
—Guest rosie

it's painful and happens so often help

Hay every one im 18 years old and I get utis every month!!! this drives me crazy it's so painful that its like worse then having 2 periods in a month... with that said I go to the dr every time and I feel like they give me the same thing every time but it truely feels like it never goes away . I was checked for other problems and no one could tell me why I was getting them I drink so much water and do what every one says but I still get them every month... Im going to try corn silk and I have found that azo helps with the pain but I;ve had them like this since I was 15 and I'm worried that I might not be able to have kids will some one give me som advice please
—Guest Zalfeed

First Time

Is this a symptom of UTI when you have a blood in your urine and it hurts like hell after you pee?? Please answer me. . Thanks!
—Guest grace

Curl up

I find that curling up on the bathroom floor with a pillow, and hugging my knees help some... Drinking water (about 8oz every 2 hours while you're awake) and peeing every 3 or so hours helps flush out the bacteria... I usually ask for a shot of an antibiotic at the doctors so it'll start working quicker. Plus the pain from the shot takes my mind off it. Always visit the doctors as soon as you feel one coming on so that it can be treated quickly
—Guest Lydia

my UTI's are painful

My UTI's Are Very Painful But What Helps Me Is A Table Spoon Of Baking Soda In A Glass Of Water It Takes Away The Burning Feeling I Do Not Have Sex And I Wipe Front to Back So I Cant Figure Out Why I Get UTI's So Much
—Guest Casey smith

BEST RELIEF (must read)

i have suffered from urine infections since eighteen months old. However recently they became worse as they are now triggered off by intercourse. I have been prescribed a pill to take daily after sex or just night times anyway called 'macrodantin' it works so well and i havent suffered since i also use condoms which really help as i couldnt or my partner couldnt see me go through such pain. This macrodantin was also the only strong course of antibiotics which helped for me, also when taking this pill once a day to prevent the infections it doesn't stop the contraception pill from working. hope this helps because UTIS are the most painful things ever!!!!
—Guest jodie

feels ur pain

i have had uti and kidney stones since i was 15yrs old. I havent found the perfect remedy yet just lots of cranberry juice/pills and antibotics- wish there was more ppl could tell me that i could be in less pain everytime i suffer through all of this!!
—Guest sam

some tips

i get UTI's all the time and the biggest tip i can give u is as soon as you notice one coming on GO TO A DR! otherwise it can go to your kidneys and you can end up very sick. for those who get one after sex do you generally go to the bathroom right after? it's been suggest to me to wait at least half an hour after sex before going to the bathroom. Cranberry juice does help but so does orange juice and in Australia there is a drink called ural that helps with the symptoms. Also a hot water bottle or wheat bag also help with the symptoms. if you get them a lot it might also be worth getting an ultra sound on your bladder and kidneys there could be another underlying reason. good luck
—Guest aussie chick

Great help

I am 38 and have been having uti for all my life at least 1 every to mths, I have had bladder surgery and still get them I find I need antibiotic , drink water and cranberry tablets my longest lasted 2 weeks I thought I was going to die( I wished) I will now start taking vitamin c as well thanks girls and hope you all fell better soon.
—Guest Karen

UTI Relief

I have recurrent UTI i've been using Amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day for seven days. It really works. Now my doctor prescribed me to use Ofloxacin (Floxin) the medication is much convenient and economical because you only need 7 tabs each day.
—Guest Jhen

What helped me to never have another UTI

I'm 46 and I used to get UTI's all the time! Finally, after a nurse told me to go pee right after sex even if it's only a teeny little bit of pee, I have not had a UTI in 20 yrs. The wipe front to back and other things are helpful, but the biggie for me was to pee right after sex. Good luck to all of you. May all of your future days be UTI (and pain) free.
—Guest UTI Survivor

Keep it clean!

I used to get UTIs every month, but I learned that if I go pee within 5 minutes of having sex, I don't get UTIs anymore. This put a damper on cuddling, but it's worth it, also, if this doesn't help too much, start taking a shower BEFORE and AFTER sex, an make sure to pee after sex. This will make sure everything is clean.
—Guest Guest

UTI'S after sex

i always end up getting a uti after having sex. I am married and every time we have sex i always end up getting a uti or a bladder infection. My husband says that i am super senstive. I just want to feel normal. When I feel a uti coming on I drink at least 3-4 oz of Tahitian Noni about 4-5 times a day! It actuall helps with the symptoms and pain. If i take it for a few days days it calms the uti down a whole lot, but i still suggest to go to your doctor for anitbiotics. I also suggest to keep drinking 2 oz of Tahitain Noni a day while you are on your anitbiotics it will continue to help with pain and the symptoms alot!
—Guest guestlab

aussie relief???

I suffer from frequent UTI's. The pain is intense. But ladies, parsley helps. Buy parsley tablets. It's a natural anesthetic for the bladder. No pain!!! Also two pkts of ural in a glass. I normaly will sit on the floor if the shower ( not a bath, never a bath, this causes more bacteria to come up the urethra ) and drink the glass if ural and like two litres of water. Normally works.
—Guest ouch!!


So I am 16 years old and have had three uti's this year! Two of them in the last month. I am pretty sure I get them from having sex with my boyfriend. So I am scared to tell my mom that I got another one because she might get suspicious. I want to try and treat it at home before going to a doctor. I am taking vitamin C, cranberry pills, and uricalm, plus I am drinking a lot of water! (which is what I did the first time I got a uti and it went away, no doctor necessary) Is there any other tips on making it go away without going to the doctor???
—Guest Honeybaby

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