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Readers Respond: How To Relieve and Prevent Painful Urinary Tract Infections or UTI

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Updated February 21, 2011

10 days and Counting

I'm 21 & I've had a uti for 10 days now. I've tried the medication that turns your pee orange (both Uristat & Azo). I've drank TONS of water and 100% cranberry juice (not a juice cocktail). The pills seemed to help a lot for the first few days but then they just stopped working. That's when I switched from Azo to Uristat. I took that once and it helped a bit. The cranberry juice is actually what helped me the most. That and my body position. I find that if I'm sitting up on by bottom, then I'm in less pain. If I'm laying down or standing (or Lord forbid, walking) then the pain increases exponentially. As you can imagine, this makes sleeping challenging. But what worries me the most is that generally people say their uti goes away after a few days. I've had this one for 10 days, and while it's less severe now than it was, it's still very much active & painful. I know I should go to the doctor, but won't he just perscribe me a stronger version of the meds I already take?
—Guest Meghan

chronic UTI

First off I always have AZO on hand! It's an OTC medicine that helps HUGE with the pain and urgency. I drink a lot of water and get antibiotics from my doctor. I had no idea this many people suffer from UTIs.
—Guest jp

Natural relief for UTI

Try drinking 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar 3 x a day apparently the acid kills the bad bacteria. I have so many remedies, I have suffered from UTIs all my life. A good tip for pain relief is boil a cup of water, add 1 tsp of parsley, seep for 10 mins, this is a natural anaesthetic for the bladder and does work! and D Mannose powder is one that I found can help too. The list goes on and on but I still haven't found a fool proof cure for me other than never have sex again but unfortunately I am unwilling to give that up! AZO urinary relief from the drug store is good. 1 tsp of Baking soda with a glass of water works to flush bacteria out of your system and helps with the burning. OK I'll stop now.
—Guest HLB


im only 17 yrs old and i have a uti everytime i have sex with my boyfriend. i run to the doctor everytime i get one but they only put me on meds for a few days just so itll go away. But what about the next time?? ive tried drinking cranberry juice but that doesnt help me at all. Its very depressing because i feel like something is really wrong with me. Thanks for all the tips guys im sure to use them:)
—Guest moo moo

no idea

i am 16 years old and have been dealing with fortnightly reoccurring uti's for about a year and a half now. i have found nothing that has worked for me accept the medication that the doctors have prescribed me, i'm hoping that someone might have a idea of something that will REALLY work. i'm worried to think about what this had done to my body and if i'll be able to have kids :'(

This is what works for me

I am one of the women that face reacurrent uti. What helps me is i drink plenty of clear or light colored liquids that have no acid because that will make your pee burn. Also what helps me is that after you pee sit on the toilet for a few minutes its helps with pain.
—Guest Mare

Medications help prevent pain.

Taking Advil or ibuprofen helped me when I was first aware I might have a UTI. This time though the doctor also prescribed phenazopyridine and that is OTC specific for UTIs and helps even more, even if you do have ORANGE urine for awhile. It was not very expensive either.
—Guest Susan

Urinary Tips

I've already had 2 UTI's, and i'm still pretty young. I'm only in high school. The first time i got one it was terribly painful. i drank alot of water but it didnt help. i was only taking the anti-biotics the doctor told me to take, and nothing else. the second time i was prepared. As soon as i felt it coming, i went to the drugstore and picked up cranberry pills, UTI pain relievers, and the antibiotics. I took a cranberry pill once a day, and the pain relievers whenever i felt pain and the other ones would wear off. I honestly think those pain relievers saved my life, because i couldn't deal with the pain i felt the first time i had one. With these pills, i barely felt any urgency and it hurt very little while urinating. I also drank plenty of water, which is very important. I suggest if you feel a UTI coming on, to go out and buy cranberry pills and pain relievers. Always keep the pain relievers at home just in case. & take the cranberry pills daily, they're good for prevention.
—Guest Ashley

Orange Juice and Vitamin C tablets

I always drank orange juice because it was usually the healthiest thing I had in the house when I would feel a uti coming on. So I drank several glasses and my uti's would usually be gone within hours, and definitely by the next day. I read somewhere this time that you were not supposed to drink orange juice because of the acidity, so I didn't this time. BOY was that a mistake. This is the worse symptoms I have ever experienced with a UTI. I went ahead and took two tablets and felt relief within hours. I'm sticking to my orange juice and vitamin c. Thanks very much! :)
—Guest Jessica


Nothing so far, but please help me find a way. I can't sleep at all
—Guest Guest

How I help myself with a UTI

I use an herb called corn silk. You can buy it at any health food store. Drink lots of fluids and take pyridium the med that causes your pee to turn orange colored. Works really well for pain and burning. I had chronic UTIs and my DR. put me on antibiotics for every day. I got sick of having yeast infections all the time!!!! This herb helped me.I no longer suffer from chronic UTIs.

relieve burning sensation for uti

it helps to press a moisten toilet paper with cold water onto the vagina right after peeing. Then wipe as usual with dry toilet paper
—Guest calminaftertherain

UTI Relief

Cranberry Juice Helps ALOT! I Get Uti's frequently and now that i drink it on a daily basis it has taken the frequency down some.
—Guest Brandy



cranberry and coconut juices

I'd like to share what I've found out during my struggle with UTI. I've always been plagued with this infection since college. It's a recurring problem for me. But over the years as I did more research about prevention and how to at least lessen pain when a UTI attacks, I've found that cranberry is really effective. I take one cranberry capsule everyday (I don't like the taste of cranberry juice with no sugar). I take two capsules when I suspect a UTI and drink lots of water for flushing out the bacteria. I've also found that drinking coconut juice is very helpful. The more diluted and the more I flush out the bacteria, the more I feel better. But that's just treating the symptoms. You still need to see a doctor for antibiotics to really cure the infection.
—Guest china

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