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Readers Respond: Self-Help Remedies For Vaginal Itching

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Updated June 17, 2009

From the article: Vaginal Itching
Most girls and women experience vaginal itching at some point. When you experience vaginal itching, what, non-medical, self-help remedies have helped you relieve vaginal itching? For example, some women find relief by soaking in a bathtub filled with warm water and either baking soda or oatmeal added to the water.

Itchin problem

i have a bad itching i keep itching at d side of me vagina n on me clitoris, i am nt sexually active but i jus cant stop itch. i try pertroelum jelly used powder use itching soap, cream all n nun dnt help. please help me wit advices. i jus cant bear dis nomre. it becoming a nitemare. smetime i wake up in my sleep all itchin.at d side me leg around me vagina area turn red sometime i itch till it bleed:(
—Guest sad

Viginal iching

I need help, I can't use any cream on my vigina then I itch, no vaseline etc, went to the doc he give me a alergy pill which only helped a couple of months now its back with vengeance. I don't have any std's en the iching only start during night time, my vigina is scratched open I don't know what to do please help
—Guest Remona

plain vasaline

I am currently dealing wit the "mad itch" right now....plain vasaline has been my friend after pulling my hair out for a few days....works great
—Guest old remedy user


I have had blood work done to find out what the itching is caused from. Steer clear of Sodium Bensoate, yellow #5 and Tartrazine. It is in everything including hair care products, body washes, mouthwash and all kinds of foods. Eat whole foods and steer clear of packaged foods. Take B12 and Vitamin C. Has helped a great deal.
—Guest Gitzer

vaginal itching

give me some help on home made remedies of vaginal itching..
—Guest Mae

it. drives me mad

This itch problem is driving me insane! The itch is is hand in hand with a burning sensation that causes a few hours of either no sleep or restless sleep. I have found some comfort in a cold wet facial towl it seems to make it better and soothes the itching/burning sensation!
—Guest linda

Vaginal itch tips

Apply coconut oil around the area after cleaning and thoroughly and leave it for thd night. U will feel relieved in the morning
—Guest Yamini

stop the itch

try washing area with Margo Neem soap, 2-3 times a day. Towel Dry , apply Candid V gel internally, on the outer skin apply Scaboma liquid. Let dry. Wear cotton undies, throw out old undies frequently to avoid re infection. Try as much as possible to circulate air near affected parts, dont wear undies at night.
—Guest neeta

old time remedy

hey ladies im in my second trimester and i also had the same problem, well take a luke warm bath make sure your area is nice and dry and make a paste outta baking soda and water and apply it, it really works.
—Guest ash

Vaginal itching

I think there is no harm in using natural coconut oil, at least 3 times and wash it with normal cold water before applying the oil. Warm water or warm pads makes the itchy skin more active and it will itch more. Please response if it helps.
—Guest Burgees

going nuts

have had this itch since nov 2010 been to two diff drs treated me for yeast infec went to the emeg room dr there told me i had scabies did the treatment but still itch like crazy someone has got to know what the problem is before i lose my sanity.like help me
—Guest barb

vasaline & heating pad

I am 33 wks pregnant with such a dry mad itch I cant sleep and I am nearly in tears. The ONLY thing I can relief from is applying ALOT of plain vaseline and the sitting on a heating pad, OR getting a cold compress on it. I find sleeping with the heating pad on low between my legs, with my knees propped up/open with a pillow lets me sleep at least until my baby wakes up!
—Guest kelly


i have same problem been to dr and everything you can think of antibotics creams etc nothing works help if you have a answer
—Guest gerris

Vaginal itching

what if you aren't sexually active but it has been two weeks that you have gotten this irritation what should you do? Should you go and consult your doctor?
—Guest Itreallyhurts.

Femine itch - finally found help

could be jock itch if you share towels. I had itching and am now using a little pure aloe vera gel & a drop of grapefruit seed extract mixed. also change soaps - use natural coconut oil castile - find at Cracker barrel. working great for a week now.
—Guest Linda


actually I have third trimester runnning ,and suffering from Mad itch whole body as well severe vaginal itching ,can i get some tips and information to overcome this mad problem,really i havent sound sleep since two month .plz
—Guest anita


I have hasd severe itching for a long time and no remedy, I also have been to the doctor, even checked me for transmitted stuff, funny thing I haven't had sex in abpout 15 years! I have stopped using dietary sugars, diet drinks, thought this was the culpret, haven't changed soaps, havent used different cologne, makeup, thought it was a contact dermatitis, but it isn't, I have tried taking acidopolis, drinking buttermilk(the good bacteria for stoomac) and eating yogurt. I stopped eating meat for awhile, just veggies, and still the same, oh the undies, changed to pure cotten, but sdame thing! a "mad itch" and it is really bothering me more and more. yeah the menopausal thing, so dry, I have used creams to stop the dryness, but nothing seems to work, even tried drinking the pure vinegar , so if anyone does have a remedy, I suire would like one!
—Guest mary_grether

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